Vision and Mission

It is our belief that learning should be authentic, meaningful and child-driven where, different learning styles and various types of intelligences are valued and respected by placing high value on curious, self-directed exploration, self-expression, and the construction of shared meanings. 

We strive to create a space where joy, freedom and respect flourish harmoniously. Where the importance of process is embraced and placed before product driven outcomes.

We proclaim a love for the natural world and dutifully to pass it onto our children.

We declare that now exceeds in importance over later where, childhood is not a race to a finish line thus, childhood is honoured.

We make our mission to promote the philosophies of ‘The Reggio Emilia  Approach’ and to celebrate the advancement of the arts in ‘Early Childhood Education’.

We are committed to receiving our children as citizens with rights and to empower them to imagine and create new realities, through an understanding of their rights and the rights of others.

The child is not a citizen of the future; he is a citizen from the very first moment of life and also the most important citizen because he represents and brings the ‘possible’…a bearer, here and now of rights, of values, of culture…It is our historical responsibility not only to affirm this but the create cultural, social, political and educational contexts which are able to receive children and dialogue with their potential for constructing human rights.

(Carlina Rinaldi, Professor of Pedagogy at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)