Our Creative Drama enrichment classes are weekly one-hour sessions suitable for children between 4-8 years old.

During Creative Drama classes, children will have the opportunity to take direction as they role-play various stories.

Our drama programme aims to step out of the conventional, strictly by script drama programmes.

We aim to deliver child-directed, process driven and highly imaginative drama lesson. These lessons will empower children to imagine new realities, thus, the name, CREATIVE DRAMA.

All our drama teachers posses the necessary qualifications and experience with early childhood education. Forest of Stars partners up with GIG Education (Singapore) ‘Certificate in Speech Development and Creative Drama’ for teacher’s training programme. The programme ensures that teachers are equipped with the skills necessary for working with young children through drama.

Child-Directed and Open-Ended

By adopting this approach, our classes always certainly have an undetermined outcome. This in nature, places emphasis on the process of creativity as opposed to an objectified ‘final product’.

Through the use of sound, light and ‘open-ended’ everyday objects as props, teachers facilitate lessons by bringing to life the contents and motifs of children’s imagination.

Problem Solving and Teamwork 

By stepping out of script-based approaches to drama, children are also encouraged to problem solve when faced with challenges posed to them by their teachers and peers through imaginative thinking and team discussion.

As our drama classes function in groups, children are placed in a social setting where they will learn to hear, listen, construct, deconstruct, accept an question ideas of their own and of their peers while being moderated by the teacher.

Children’s Literature:

A wide array of children’s literature by award winning authors such as Maurice Sendak, Leo Lionni, Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle and may more is utilised as stimulus for our drama classes. 

These are carefully selected based on theme relevance, opportunities for critical and imaginative thinking and provide artistic direction for the classes.


Our Performance Drama classes are weekly one-hour classes for children between 8-10 years old.

In this programme, the children begin to delve into the world of performing arts, while at the same time, having creative direction over the elements required to put on a show.

They will work collaboratively to create stories, characters and scripts, as well as props, backdrops and costumes.

Although culminating in a performance piece, in line with our child-centred philosophies, our focus will always be mainly on the experiences of the children.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

(Pablo Picasso)

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