Forest of Stars

Empowering Children through the Creative Arts since 2012

We are a Reggio-inspired Creative Arts Centre committed to empower children through the enabling of their expressive capabilities and learning potentials!


A space to encounter rich, intelligent materials and diverse ideas.

It is a workshop where children will encounter materials and ideas. In other words, they will develop systems of representational thinking and symbolic languages while encountering both the expressive arts and STEM.


During Creative Drama classes, children will embark upon journeys together and have the opportunity to take direction as they role-play various stories.

Our drama programme aims to step out of the conventional, strictly by script drama programmes.

We aim to deliver child-directed, process driven and highly imaginative drama lesson that empower children to imagine new realities, thus, the name, CREATIVE DRAMA.

The Forest of Stars Child

  • Learns the value of his/her mind
  • Is empowered to create and to be a changemaker
  • Understands and respects the rights of others and self
  • Creates his/her own systems of expressions, enabling him/her to be an effective communicator
  • Co-designs his/her paths of learning

The Forest of Stars Teacher

Our highly qualified teachers are committed to uncover your child’s expressive capabilities and learning potentials!

“When they are free to be who they are... That's where the magic happens!”

Janaki, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

“There is a very strong sense of freedom when I enter the school, and I strongly believe, I know- this is the learning environment that I want my child to be in”

Valerie, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

“Now, the rigid processes are being automated, but the creative thinking is still human, that is, the creative part- is the main focus of the Reggio system.”

Krishnan, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

“She really feels the place is safe for them… they always have this confidence to speak up, they also can make decisions, which is a very important thing. I got the room for me to say yes or no... you have a choice."

Arunahdevi, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"In this kind of fast-paced world, I felt that Reggio has something that I really appreciate, they help the children to slow down… deep learning takes time."

Wincci, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"I love how the school respects and encourages the children’s views and ideas."

Ee Chia, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent


Yan Ling, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Forest of Stars to all parents out there as it is definitely a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn life skills in a fun and exciting environment."

Gunalan Parameswary, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"Forest of Stars is a wonderful place where children are free to express themselves and explore their creativity. S loves his drama classes and eagerly awaits his adventures with his teachers who abound with energy and enthusiasm."

Rebecca, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"After attending drama class at Forest of Stars, D became more cheerful and always sociable. There are obvious improvements on D: improved self-confidence, better social development, thinking skill and cheerful character."

Jeanette, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent

"Since K joined the drama class, K’s confidence level has been amazing. Her speech is also more clear and fluent and best of all she is more expressive, She just loves her drama class and teachers."

Sharmila, Forest of Stars Alumni Parent