Atelier & Creative Drama Teacher

M.A. (ECE)
B.A. (Psychology)

Ashlyn graduated with a B.A. in Psychology at Murdoch University in 2016. During her years in University, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Human Development always fascinated her. Musically, Ashlyn also possesses a Grade 7 qualification in Piano from ABRSM. 
Upon graduating, Ashlyn pursued her passion in Early Childhood Education and in 2017, Ashlyn officially joined ‘Forest of Stars’ where she gained her teaching certificate – ‘Professional Practice in Speech Development and Creative Drama’ (accredited by ‘London Teacher Training College’) and also underwent the ‘Forest of Stars’ teacher training programme.
During her years of teaching Ashlyn continued to undergo professional development by attending various Reggio-inspired courses. She attended a workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia conducted by Hayley Peacock to share her inspiring approach implemented in Little Barn Owls, UK. Ashlyn also attended the Reggio-inspired ‘Third Teacher Bootcamp’ programme and the ‘Atelier Masterclass’ between 2019-2020, conducted by Sally Haughey the founder of Fairy Dust Teaching. Ashlyn possesses CPR & AED accreditation by Pertubuhan Latihan CPR Malaysia. She is currently undertaking her ‘M.A. in Innovative Early Childhood Education’ at the ‘University of Denver’, Colorado.
Ashlyn believes that children’s voices should be heard and respected and that children should shine in their own ways. Children’s interests should not be neglected but should be brought to the forefront where children can explore these interests with wonder and construct their own learning through play and creative art. Hence, the Reggio-approach philosophy highly fascinates her. Ashlyn believes that creative arts has a big role in the early years because of it’s open-endedness, young children can express themselves symbolically through art.
Ashlyn’s passion and dream is to create a safe space for children to create, express, learn and play. She is continuing to work towards developing herself as an early childhood educator in order to continue to provide the children with what she believes in.